The mission of the Roadrunner Foundation is to aid in the development of champions by supporting The University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the 350+ student-athletes who don the orange and blue for the Roadrunners.


Who We Are

The Roadrunner Foundation was established in 2012.  The Foundation is organized and shall operate as an exempt charitable and educational organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (or similar provision of any future revenue law) (the "Code") without profit to any officer or Trustee and the Foundation.

The Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas, specifically to engage in making expenditures to or for the support of The University of Texas at San Antonio ("UTSA"), including receiving, holding, investing and administering property (real or personal), and making expenditures in support of intercollegiate sports programs and activities of UTSA, including the construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of athletic facilities at UTSA. Subject to the foregoing, the Foundation may also engage in all other activities which are permissible by law, all with the intent to support and enhance the athletic programs and associated activities of UTSA.


The Roadrunner Foundation is an organization that supports UTSA Athletics, but operates outside of The University of Texas at San Antonio.


Where Roadrunners Fly

When a student-athlete is looking for a college home, facilities are the most visible display of Roadrunner pride and one of the most important factors recruits cite in considering which school they will attend. To keep pace and stay competitive with our conference peers, UTSA will continue to develop our athletics facilities and training technologies. Our students have earned the opportunity to compete at the highest levels, and your support will ensure they have the tools to do so. With improved facilities and technology that will serve Roadrunner Football and all our teams, the university positions itself as an even greater force for economic development and tourism.


Supporting the Greatest Needs

When you give to the Roadrunner Athletic Fund, this allows UTSA Athletics to have maximum flexibility to use your gift where it will make an immediate impact for our student-athletes. Your support will help upgrade a facility, provide a scholarship or support a team on the road.

You also can support a team of your choice or a specific athletics initiative, such as the academic resources for student-athletes, external relations programs or spirit building.

The sky is the limit in supporting your passions at UTSA!  Help us build true champions today.


2023 Board of Trustees

  • James Bodenstedt
  • Gene Dawson
  • Pat Frost
  • Mike Setser
  • Buddy Swift
  • Brian Tramontano
  • Cindy Jorgensen
  • Martin Salinas
  • April Ancira
  • Cindy Jorgensen
  • Andrew Waterman
  • Harry Levy
  • Brian Colton


  • President: Gene Dawson
  • Vice President: Brian Tramontano
  • Vice President: Mike Setser
  • Chief Financial Officer: Mike Bazemore
  • Treasurer: Martin Salinas
  • Ex-officio: Dr. Taylor Eighmy,
    UTSA President
  • Ex-officio: Dr. Lisa Campos, UTSA Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics

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